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Drowning in Paper?

This plan will help you deal with daily mail that clutter your tables and kitchen surfaces.

1. Have a designated spot for all incoming mail. (In-Box)

2. Go through in-box daily for items that need immediate attention. Sort according to level of importance; Now, Later, Pending etc.
3. Keep a shredder, waste basket and recycling bin within reach; toss any unwanted  papers .

4. Have a file cabinet for papers to be kept long time; develop a filing schedule weekly or monthly (stick to it).

Organizing Rules

1. Everything has a specific home
2. Put things back - everytime
3. Set limits- if something comes in something goes out
4. Contain items in bins, baskets, containers etc.
5. Small steps equal large gains, just begin
6. Keep at least one small spot organized at all time
7. Do it NOW!
8. Follow through completely, do not leave an organizing   project partially done
9. Reward yourself
10. Make adjustments to your space, nothing will stay organized forever

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