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Basic Cleaning
House Cleaning Checklist
A.Maintenance House Cleanings
Whole House
·Dust furniture
·Remove cobwebs
·Vacuum all carpets
·Clean mirrors and glass surfaces
·Dust window sills
·Remove all garbage
·Dust baseboards
·Sweep floors
·Spot clean glass door (standard French and sliding)
In the Bathroom
·Clean sinks
·Clean tubs, shower, toilet
·Clean mirrors
·Clean floor
·Dust light fixtures and bulbs
In the kitchen
·Clean all counter tops
·Clean inside/outside microwave
·Dust and spot clean cabinet facing
·Clean face of appliance
·Clean floor
B.Initial Home Cleaning
The initial home cleaning includes all the services performed during the maintenance cycle, plus the following
·Remove books and dust bookshelves
·Dust fans
·Clean door facings
·Vacuum or sweep under beds
·Clean cabinet facings
·Dust vents
·Wipe windowsills
·Dust baseboards
Clean glass doors (standard French and sliding)
Add on Services
·Inside ( standard) refrigerator
·Inside (single) oven
·Inside Kitchen Cabinets (items must be removed by home owner)
·Polish Furniture (varies with number and size of pieces)
Add on services must be arranged prior to day of service
Cleaning Schedules:
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly
  • One time deep cleaning
  • Spring, Fall, before and after major holidays
       Prices and Discount
Our home cleaning prices are based on the square footage, frequency of cleaning and other factors unique to each home. Please call or email to schedule a free estimate for cleaning services.
Our organizing service is priced in 4 hour sessions @ $40 per hour; consultation fee $40; this fee will be discounted from the first 4 hour session that is booked and completed.
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